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Client gets reduced sentence!

by Josh Jones on 01/16/14

 I was in Jefferson County Circuit Court today on a client's 9 count indictment including Theft of Property, Robbery and Receiving Stolen Property. The client's case was set for a pre-trial hearing but I was able to work out a satisfactory plea agreement with the prosecutor. Through my research and investigation of the case I found out that one of the witnesses was deceased. I also conducted research on one of the charges (Possession of Burglar's Tools) and found out that the item they charged as a "burglar's tools" did not qualify. I presented all of this information to the Deputy District Attorney who agreed to drop those two charges along with one more. 

 The remaining 6 charges were strong cases and I do not feel we would have been successful at trial so I, along with my client, agreed it would be best to take a plea offer. I was able to guarantee that my client serve less than one year. He was given a split but that split would be reduced down by the time he has already served. My client was happy with the result even though he had to plea to several charges. He was looking at a possible 15 year sentence. This case has been pending since 2012 and I am glad we were able to come to a satisfactory result. 

Last week in Court!

by Josh Jones on 01/13/14

 The first week in January was very hectic and 2014 has gotten off to a very good start! I was in Shelby County, Alabama on two separate felony cases. Shelby County's main courthouse is in Columbiana, Alabama. Both of my client's cases were set for the preliminary hearing docket but we did not have a hearing on either case. They were both reset to March in order for me to review the discovery provided by the District Attorney's office and to talk to witnesses and conduct an investigation of the case. I am confident that I can get a better offer from the District Attorneys office. 

 I also picked up a new case involving a student at Samford University. The student was charged with Disorderly Conduct which is a very minor charge. I am hoping to get the student's case dismissed prior to trial. In other news, I am still upgrading my website and I just received the device that allows me to take credit/debit cards over the phone. I'm excited about 2014!


by Josh Jones on 01/06/14

We at Joshua Paul Jones, Attorney at Law, LLC are very excited about the new year! In 2014 the firm is adding several new features including an updated website, an expanded list of legal services we provide and a credit/debit card payment option. Please go to our website or call us to learn more about any of these new additions. The year has already started at a fast pace. The firm has picked up two new clients within the first week of 2014. As always, the firm is committed to providing high-quality legal services to its clients. Thanks to everyone who helped make 2013 a great year!


Probate News

by Josh Jones on 12/16/12

  I recently attended a probate CLE (Continuing Legal Education) seminar in the Jefferson County courthouse. The CLE was both interesting and informative. Without getting into the specifics of what the entire seminar was about suffice it to say that it verified the importance of having a sound estate plan. A will, health-care directive, and other instruments set up in the event of death is extremely important. There are horror stories of families who failed to adequately prepare for the death's of loved ones.

  I have seen it first hand how not having a consistent and well-thought out estate plan can be on the one's left behind. Fighting, arguing and lawsuits are common among siblings and relatives who are left to fight over the estate. Please don't let that happen to you or someone you love. Most wills are easy to draft and are not expensive and are very effective in allowing the wishes of the deceased be carried out. Please don't delay about getting something so important done.


First Blog!

by Josh Jones on 06/13/12

Hey, I am new to the whole blogging thing but here goes. Please feel free to write back, comment or post articles yourself! Please tell me any suggestions you have for future blogs. For the most part I will use my blog to write about current, usually local, legal news but may also write or comment about various topics and about my day. Also, feel free to ask legal questions. Of course, my blog isn't the best place to get legal advice, my office is. However, I don't mind giving general legal advice on an infrequent schedule.

Well today (Wed. 6/13/12) I'm sitting in Starbucks updaing my website and trying to think of interesting things to write about. I guess maybe I can give you a little background as to what it is I do. As of 2012, I have been practicing law for 6 years. My specialty is criminal defense and thoroughly enjoy that work. My criminal law experience is extensive stemming from my 4+ years at the Montgomery County District Attorney's office. I have tried hundreds of cases including DUI's, drug possession, drug trafficking, burglary, attempted murder and the like. But criminal defense isn't my only practice area. I also engage in divorce/child custody, wills/estates and business associations. I will write about one of those topics soon.

I am lucky to have had the trial experience I do. That experience is very very valuable. I was in court the other day and saw an attorney plea a person to what I would call a bogus charge. The charge is called FATS (yes that's the nickname) but the actual name is Failure to Affix a Tax Stamp. It is a very obscure charge that is seldom used. Anyway, it my opinion NO ONE should ever plea to such a charge. Of course, yes I admit the person was not my client and I have no idea what the circumstances of that person's case was. For all I know he/she may have begged the attorney to let him/her plea....But I doubt it.

I could go on and on about the reasons why he/she should not have plead but I won't. Suffice it to say that the felony is now on that person record for life. I hope he/she has a good job because getting another one will be difficult. There are many, many options when you are arrested or charged. There are also many implications to pleading guilty to a charge and you have every right to know what those are. Please don't be tricked, pressured or talked into pleading guilty to something you are not comfortable with. Hire an attorney that isn't afraid to go to tria or stand up to the prosecutor!

Anyway, that will be all for today. Hopefully, I will get better at blogging. I plan on providing more content in the near future. Like I said please feel free to comment, ask a question or whatever. Just keep it clean! 

Thanks, Josh J.


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