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Probate News

by Josh Jones on 12/16/12

  I recently attended a probate CLE (Continuing Legal Education) seminar in the Jefferson County courthouse. The CLE was both interesting and informative. Without getting into the specifics of what the entire seminar was about suffice it to say that it verified the importance of having a sound estate plan. A will, health-care directive, and other instruments set up in the event of death is extremely important. There are horror stories of families who failed to adequately prepare for the death's of loved ones.

  I have seen it first hand how not having a consistent and well-thought out estate plan can be on the one's left behind. Fighting, arguing and lawsuits are common among siblings and relatives who are left to fight over the estate. Please don't let that happen to you or someone you love. Most wills are easy to draft and are not expensive and are very effective in allowing the wishes of the deceased be carried out. Please don't delay about getting something so important done.


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