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First Blog!

by Josh Jones on 06/13/12

Hey, I am new to the whole blogging thing but here goes. Please feel free to write back, comment or post articles yourself! Please tell me any suggestions you have for future blogs. For the most part I will use my blog to write about current, usually local, legal news but may also write or comment about various topics and about my day. Also, feel free to ask legal questions. Of course, my blog isn't the best place to get legal advice, my office is. However, I don't mind giving general legal advice on an infrequent schedule.

Well today (Wed. 6/13/12) I'm sitting in Starbucks updaing my website and trying to think of interesting things to write about. I guess maybe I can give you a little background as to what it is I do. As of 2012, I have been practicing law for 6 years. My specialty is criminal defense and thoroughly enjoy that work. My criminal law experience is extensive stemming from my 4+ years at the Montgomery County District Attorney's office. I have tried hundreds of cases including DUI's, drug possession, drug trafficking, burglary, attempted murder and the like. But criminal defense isn't my only practice area. I also engage in divorce/child custody, wills/estates and business associations. I will write about one of those topics soon.

I am lucky to have had the trial experience I do. That experience is very very valuable. I was in court the other day and saw an attorney plea a person to what I would call a bogus charge. The charge is called FATS (yes that's the nickname) but the actual name is Failure to Affix a Tax Stamp. It is a very obscure charge that is seldom used. Anyway, it my opinion NO ONE should ever plea to such a charge. Of course, yes I admit the person was not my client and I have no idea what the circumstances of that person's case was. For all I know he/she may have begged the attorney to let him/her plea....But I doubt it.

I could go on and on about the reasons why he/she should not have plead but I won't. Suffice it to say that the felony is now on that person record for life. I hope he/she has a good job because getting another one will be difficult. There are many, many options when you are arrested or charged. There are also many implications to pleading guilty to a charge and you have every right to know what those are. Please don't be tricked, pressured or talked into pleading guilty to something you are not comfortable with. Hire an attorney that isn't afraid to go to tria or stand up to the prosecutor!

Anyway, that will be all for today. Hopefully, I will get better at blogging. I plan on providing more content in the near future. Like I said please feel free to comment, ask a question or whatever. Just keep it clean! 

Thanks, Josh J.


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