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Client gets reduced sentence!

by Josh Jones on 01/16/14

 I was in Jefferson County Circuit Court today on a client's 9 count indictment including Theft of Property, Robbery and Receiving Stolen Property. The client's case was set for a pre-trial hearing but I was able to work out a satisfactory plea agreement with the prosecutor. Through my research and investigation of the case I found out that one of the witnesses was deceased. I also conducted research on one of the charges (Possession of Burglar's Tools) and found out that the item they charged as a "burglar's tools" did not qualify. I presented all of this information to the Deputy District Attorney who agreed to drop those two charges along with one more. 

 The remaining 6 charges were strong cases and I do not feel we would have been successful at trial so I, along with my client, agreed it would be best to take a plea offer. I was able to guarantee that my client serve less than one year. He was given a split but that split would be reduced down by the time he has already served. My client was happy with the result even though he had to plea to several charges. He was looking at a possible 15 year sentence. This case has been pending since 2012 and I am glad we were able to come to a satisfactory result. 

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